Office 365 Apps Market Opportunity

In the recent Build 15 Conference, Microsoft shows some very interesting statistic related to Office 365 and the Office App Store. Here is the summary:

– Office 365 users: 1.2 Billions

– Hours spent per day on Office 365 per user: 2-3 Hours

– Email sent with Office 365: 4 Trillions

These are very impressive number compare to around 1 Billion Android users and 300 millions Iphone users.

Now, here is the Office 365 App Store:

– App downloaded since beginning (Jan 13): 9.5 Million

– Apps in store: 1490

Iphone and Android app store could achieve these numbers in one hour!

With the impressive number of Office 365 users, the O365 App Store has a great potential future. However, Microsoft would need to invest more to promote their apps to the billions of users.

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